Zeppo Creative brought me on board to animate this motion comic for National Grid. They came up with the concept, script and created the illustrations and music.

Using their storyboards and illustrations I animated the sequence in After Effects. I used 2.5D to create some depth and used some glitchy displacement maps to make it feel like the video was being hacked.

Zeppo were commissioned by National Grid to help raise awareness of cyber crime. 
The story they portrayed is based on dramatic real life events that occurred recently in Ukraine. 

Zeppo worked closely with the client team on scripting and storyboarding and chose an unusual medium for the corporate world – a motion comic animation. Matt and Phil worked long and hard on the illustrations and Phil even penned an original musical score.  They also produced a supporting campaign of posters and a printed comic.
The response has been great – it’s been shared far and wide and should help raise awareness of the dangers of this increasingly frequent, disruptive and frightening form of crime. 

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